Are you thrilled to enjoy a New York City horse carriage ride to take a tour through Central Park? Allow us to raise your excitement level by providing the list of some popular movies shot in Central Park.  

In Central Park, movies have been shot for over a century now. Central Park has played an iconic part in many films, like A Troll in Central Park and Home Alone 2.

Home Alone 2 (1992): 

It is one of the most popular children’s films that used Central Park as a backdrop. In this movie, you can see Kevin {Macauley Culkin} eluding his pursuers by hiding in a horse-drawn carriage and is also seen running around the Bethesda Fountain. Kevin get introduced to the Pigeon Lady in the movie at Central Park’s beautiful Inscope Arch that runs beneath the Park Drive at the southeast entrance. This movie gives the park a magical feel by showcasing some of its least notable features.

Owner Neil Byrne played a small role in the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York in the year of 1992.

 A Troll in Central Park (1994): 

It is one of the best Central Park movies directed by Don Bluth in 1994. In this movie, Central Park is drawn beautifully and provides remarkable respect for its geographic detail. 

The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984): 

In the 1980s Central Park was getting ready to go through the transformation. The first movie to celebrate the beautiful transformation of Central Park was “The Muppets Take Manhattan“. In the movie, there are gorgeously pastoral scenes of Miss Piggy and Kermit shot at Central Park. The park scenes conveyed a sense of bright optimism. You will love the brightly lit landscape of the park in the movie and in real during the tour. The park is portrayed as the lovely center of New York City that we know today.

Enchanted (2007):

 Central Park was the perfect place in the city that the universe of Disney filmmakers wonderfully imagined and portrayed. Director Kevin Lima beautifully captured the magic of Central Park by covering its various iconic sites. The movie Enchanted features an amazingly choreographed song and dance scene. This scene includes Central Park’s spectacular Bethesda Fountain. In this movie, Central Park looked so magical. 

The World of Henry Orient (1964):

 In this movie, Central Park plays a supporting and dramatic role itself. Directed by George Roy Hill “The World of Henry Orient” movie beautifully shows Central Park. This movie uses the changing season (the autumn and snowy winter) to capture Central Park at its best.


One more example of Central Park as New York City’s romantic setting is “Serendipity“.  In the movie, you can see the two main characters having a magical evening in a gorgeously decorated Central Park’s Wollman Rink. You can see in this movie the amazing shots of the Wollman Rink. Decorated for Christmas, the rink with a backdrop of the Manhattan skyline above was breathtaking. No doubt, this movie paints a beautiful portrait of Central Park by night in its idealized winter splendor.Do you want to experience the horse-drawn carriage scene that shows Kevin stows away? Are you excited to see the reel scenes of New York’s Central Park movies in your real life? Book a New York City horse carriage ride today from Central Park Carriages! Since 1964, Central Park Carriages have been in the local horse and carriage business.


When you are in New York, missing out on a visit to Central Park is not worth it at all! Central Park is the green heart of the city that spreads across 843 acres of green space that includes numerous meadows, lakes, forests, monuments, and impressive architecture. The area is so vast that there is so much to do and enjoy in the park which makes it difficult to choose the highlights of the park. So if you have limited time or stamina, then take a look at some of the best attractions that you must include in your sightseeing in Central Park. 

The Pond

 Situated at the southeast corner of the park, The Pond is a serene water body that offers an instant retreat from the bustling streets of the city. There is a forested hill above the pond called the Hallet Nature Sanctuary, which is open to visitors occasionally. Then there is the famous Gapstow Bridge at the northern point of the pond. 

Central Park Zoo 

One of the must-visit attractions that you must include in your itinerary for sightseeing in Central Park is the Central Park Zoo. Here visitors are allowed to view animals from three global zones – tropical, temperate, and polar up close. Also, you can see the sea lions performing tricks for their meals during the feeding times i.e. 11:30 am 2:00 pm, and 4:00 pm. Besides that, there is a Children's Zoo nearby where kids can interact with goats, sheep, cows, and many other domestic animals.

The Mall 

It is a renowned walkway that is lined by towering elm trees creating a strikingly green canopy. This walkway is bordered by the statues of celebrated authors and benches making it an even more pleasant ambiance. You can also spot street performers and vendors here. Often there are roller skaters and skateboarders who whizz through the plaza near the bandshell.

Bethesda Terrace 

The only formal architectural setting, the Bethesda Terrace is a remarkable gathering place which makes it a highlight of the park. The centerpiece of this set is the Bethesda Fountain also known as "Angel of the Waters".  The pillars and walls of the terrace are adorned with intricate sculptures crafted by Jacob Wrey Mould depicting the seasons and times of the day. The arcade of the terrace features a ceiling of Minton tiles and its astounding acoustics attracts many of the finest musicians of the city here

Sheep Meadow 

Sheep Meadow is a vast green space that is one of the favorites of the New Yorkers. They flock here for picnicking, playing Frisbee, and soaking up the sun. This amazing green expanse offers you a relaxed and pleasant experience. With the midtown skyline at its backdrop, the Sheep Meadow is one of the most astonishing vistas in the city. 

Apart from these, there is much more than you can add to your itinerary for sightseeing in Central Park, but make sure to book your trip with a professional!



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